You too can be a princess but leave your modesty at home…

Everything looked fresh and beautiful at our hotel this morning after the pouring rain last night. We had a tasty breakfast of Marsala omelette and then Padma and I headed for the local ferry wharf.

On the way there we stopped to look at some local stalls. Padma bought some wooden stamps from a sweet young girl. She pressed the stamps with strong ink onto Padma’s palm. Padma now has a lovely reminder of Fort Cochin that will be with her for some time…

I bought a beautiful carved buffalo horn comb along the way. The carver showed us the article about himself in the Cochin Times.


We caught the ferry to Ernakulum (2.5 rupees each). It was a very scenic trip passing fishing boats and navy vessels.


At Ernakulum we walked a short distance up Shanmugham road to Bimbi’s restaurant for a refreshing fresh, sweet lime soda. On the return journey to Fort Cochin we got a great view of the old fort area.

This afternoon I had the three hour Rajakumari (Princess) Ritual at the Cochin Ayurvedic Centre. The ritual consists of feet cleaning, full body massage by two therapists and followed by sirodhara (a stream of warm herbal oil poured over the forehead). It was heavenly and I left floating on a cloud. However this treatment is not for the modestly inclined. The two ladies wash all the oil from your hair and body afterwards…this is done in a happy, girly/sister type mood and I felt very relaxed and not at all self conscious…
The ladies at this spa are really delightful and I highly recommend you visit when you are next in Fort Cochin.

Tonight we had a tasty dinner at the Fort Heritage Hotel (1/283 Napier Street).

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