Hills, thrills and lots of pills…

Pilgrims climbing Chamundi Hill…

Today was our second wonderful day in Mysore. In the morning we travelled just out of Mysore to one of the eight most sacred sights in India – Chamundi Hill. Here devoted pilgrims climb the 1000 plus stairs to visit the Sri Chamundeswara Temple. The truly holy place a small dot of kum kum powder on each individual step.

Placing the kum kum powder…

At the top of the hill near the temple is an avenue of flower sellers and trinket merchants. Flowers and coconuts are taken as offerings into the temple.


On the way up Chamundi Hill is the huge five metre high Nandi bull statue. It is carved out of solid rock and is one of the largest in India.


While looking at the Nandi statue today we also met a gorgeous little fellow dressed up as the monkey God Hanuman. For ten rupees he gave us his best god-like poses…


After Chamundi Hill we travelled back to town. We had a quick look in the brand new Mall of Mysore- a huge new shopping centre (MG Road, next to Mysore Golf Course).Not all the shops are filled yet but there are already some well known names there such as Shoppers Stop, Hidesign, Bata shoes and many more. Of course Padma shopped up a storm and we left with a few less rupees in our purses!
We then visited a fantastic Himalaya Ayurvedic shop which sells herbal remedies for nearly every ailment you could possibly have. It also sells beautiful shampoos, face cleansers, lip balms and toothpaste. The address is 108 Devaraj Urs Road, Mysore. We left with a bag full of pills to improve our health.
Next door we bought some more of our favourite Mysore sandalwood soap.


We had a quick bite at the popular Parklane restaurant. Padma and I giggled at the one-of-a-kind smoking cabins they had there…


When we returned to the Green Hotel we went with one of the friendly employees on a tour of the upstairs of the hotel. The view from the top was amazing.


We finished the day off with a delicious dinner at the hotel of navaratna kurma, vegetable rice and butter naan. A perfect end to a lovely day in Mysore.

6 thoughts on “Hills, thrills and lots of pills…

  1. Love the smokers cabins! Perhaps they could introduce them in Oz!! So glad you and Padma are having such a wonderful time. It’s so interesting reading of your adventures each day & seeing the beautiful sights you’ve visited. Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures! Michele X

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