What can I shoe for you…

Indian cobbler…

We met this sweet little cobbler in Mamallapuram. Although we had no chappals (sandals) to fix he took great pride in polishing my son’s rubber haviana thongs!

As you walk the streets in India everything is out on show and not hidden away. You can watch shoes being cobbled, hair being cut, beards shaved and letters being typed. My son had his white, blonde hair cut out in the open in a small village in the backwaters of Kerala and half the population turned up to watch. It is these moments that make you smile so much in India. Often in western culture we have so many services that are “tucked away” and “private” but I always find the openness of India quite refreshing and liberating.

I also adore the “while you wait” attitude found in India too. Although the “wait” may be a while…what else have you got to do…you ARE on holidays. We always laugh about “Indian time” and how a trip to the bank may take you an hour. But I always try to look on the bright side. Although my transaction at the bank, which took an hour, may have passed through ten different individuals at the bank to process it ~ at least they were all employed. In a country that has no social security being employed is a very important part of life.

So when in India try to exercise patience…and if you don’t have any…well…you’ll learn to cultivate some as you have no choice. Sit back, relax, count to ten and hum Om…

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