Today I travelled to India without even leaving my kitchen…

Rajia demonstrating rolling of parathas…

Today my darling friend Rajia came over to teach Padma and I how to make parathas. Parathas are flour based chapatis that are filled with the most delicious ingredients and are one of my all-time Indian favourites. The ones we made today were potato and coriander…mmmmm…absolutely delightful. Here is the recipe to make your own delicious parathas at home.


2 cups maida or plain wholemeal flour


whole cumin seeds


fresh coriander

1 small brown onion

garam masala

chilli flakes

3 potatoes

natural yoghurt

fresh mint leaves

Firstly peel the potatoes and put on to boil till soft. Run under cold water after boiling and set aside.

Dry roast a couple of teaspoons of whole cumin seeds in a small fry pan. Once aroma is released they are ready.

Place the 2 cups of flour in large bowl. Slowly add the water a little at a time till your dough gets to a good consistency. Knead thoroughly and consistently for 8-10 minutes. Leave dough in a ball in the bowl and rub with vegetable oil. Leave to rest for 15 minutes.

Mash potatoes and combine with roasted cumin seeds, salt to taste, onion (very finely chopped), 1 teaspoon of garam masala, chilli flakes as desired and a large handful of finely chopped coriander.

Take a small scoop of dough and roll into a ball in your palm. Dust lightly in flour then roll out flat till about 10cm across. Place it in your cupped palm. Add a large scoop of potato mixture. Turn around in your palm till all the potato is covered with the dough and you have formed another round a ball. Lightly dust the filled ball in flour and then roll out with rolling-pin till approx 15cm across (or desired size). Fry in a flat fry pan and sprinkle with oil till golden on both sides.

Finely chop mint and add to natural yoghurt. Serve with your delicious parathas and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

Thank you Rajia for sharing this recipe with me. While making these parathas today I was instantly transported to India without even leaving my kitchen. The aromas, the taste and the laughing, gossiping and joy filled the kitchen and made me feel very excited about my next trip in November.

Our delicious paratha ready to eat…

15 thoughts on “Today I travelled to India without even leaving my kitchen…

  1. I love this perfect parathas! I normally eat parathas with curry, or with just sugar.

    I have created a link on my side bar to this post. Please go to my blog and have a look. I think Rajia will be very happy.

    I’ve also created a small image for this post. I hope you like it!

    • Thank YOU rajia for your wonderful recipe…can’t wait for more…you are a wonderful, happy person and fun to be around!

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