Not an everyday sight…but one to remember…

One of the reasons that I love to travel to India so much is the constant amazing sights. When travelling along in the car or on the bus you are never bored as there is something out of the ordinary around every corner.

Some of the sights that delighted me on two days of my last trip were:

~ An elephant being transported on the back of a small tip-truck.

~ 10,000 people a day being fed in the ashram I was staying in.

~ A goat nibbling on a film poster.

~ A goat nibbling on a garland of flowers on a bicycle handle.

~ Really goats eating everything!

~ Stopping and meeting my auto rickshaw driver’s family on the way to the shops.

~ Taking the picture above where the everyday mundane jobs seem interesting and so different to what I am used to at home.

~ Attending an Indian wedding and soaking up the wonderful ambiance of the event.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of visual delights that are on offer during your trip to India

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