Incense to calm and rejuvenate…

A wonderful part of my daily life includes the burning of incense. The word incense actually comes from Latin and means “to burn”. Burning incense is an integral part of life in India. It will be a daily ritual which while on your travels in India you will experience everywhere.

The significance of the burning of incense in the Hindu tradition is to offer prayers to God. Usually the burning incense sticks are rotated in a clockwise direction three times. They are used in daily ceremonies, prayers and during pujas. They also adorn the family shrine or alter.

While in India I always stock up on my incense supplies. My most favourite brands are Maroma Auroville Incense and Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa.

I love burning my incense because:

~ It fills the house with a wonderful aroma.

~ The smell calms and uplifts the spirit.

So try burning some in your house. Incense is cheap to buy and quite easy to find in most countries. You’ll definitely be happy you did…

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