Padma getting puri excited…

Padma doing what she does best…just browsing!

The most important part of any trip overseas is finding the perfect travelling companion. My trips are made extra special by travelling with my family. The experiences we have had in India are something we can keep sharing long after the trip ends! One person who has travelled with me on every trip to India is my mother Padma. She has been to India 18 times!

Today Padma realised there were only 28 days till we leave for India again and she got “puri” excited. “Puri” excited? Let me explain…

A puri is the most delicious breakfast you can imagine! Large puffs of dough, like a puffed out chappati served with a divine potato marsala  ~ just perfect!  They epitomise our trips together…So Padma is getting puri excited about ALL things Indian to come on our three week trip together.

So why is Padma the perfect travelling companion?

  1. We love being together and doing the same things. Shopping, eating, exploring new places and visiting our guru are highlights we share together.
  2. We love to immerse ourselves in everything Indian and adore to analyse everything from great sari choices to why don’t Anokhi bring out a blue collection this season.
  3. She is fun to be with and sees the good in every moment.
  4. Although sometimes a little haphazard with the kitty purse she is generally good with the rupee conversion.

I’m blessed to have Padma…and I can’t wait till our first fresh lime soda together in a little under 28 days time…

6 thoughts on “Padma getting puri excited…

  1. You are VERY blessed to have Padma!!!!! No doubt you will have your customary wonderful time in India. I’m puri jealous!! 😀

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