Money Matters…

Shopping nuns…

The money that is used in India is called the Indian rupee.

Some of the current exchange rates are as follows:

1 US $ =             54 rupees

1 UK pound =   88 rupees

1 Euro =             71 rupees

1 Chinese yuan  8 rupees

To give you an example of how far your money will go in India here are the cost of some common items:

Soft drink       ~  20 rupees

Choc bar         ~ 10 rupees

Soap                 ~ 14 rupees

Face cleanser ~ 60 rupees 

Banana             ~ 3 rupees

You will find that your money goes a long way! Kids love going to the markets because you can buy a toy or trinket for only 10 rupees…   

N.B. Please check the internet or your bank closer to your trip to check the exact exchange rate.     

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