What to do in Pondicherry…

So…you’ve arrived in Pondicherry…you’re wondering what to do…here are some beauties to fill in your day!


Divine ashram right in the centre of town ~ 17 Rue de la Marine. Here you can visit the samadhi (burial shrine) for Sri Aurobindo. The garden surrounding the samadhi is very peaceful for sitting, people spotting and meditating. You will need to exercise silence here ~ the signs will remind you. You can participate in meditation at the ashram in the evenings and they have a great bookshop. Your shoes need to be left at the “chappal stand” across the road. This is a free service.


Amazing temple dedicated to the 16 forms of the Indian God Ganesha. If you are lucky you will see Lakshmi, the temple elephant. Pass her a coin and you’ll receive a special blessing on your head! A must-do experience!


This beautiful pink and cream Catholic church is found in Dumas street. I have been to 3 types of masses here ~ English, Tamil and French. The old, antique pews are comfortable and allow a lovely respite from the hot Pondicherry weather. At Christmas time the baby Jesus statue is adorned with a sari ~ very sweet…


This is a fantastic place to walk in the early mornings and evenings. It overlooks the Bay of Bengal and you can watch the moon rise in the evenings. It has a lovely carnival atmosphere at night with sellers of balloons and fairy floss everywhere. People are very friendly and it has a very relaxed atmosphere. Towering over the 1.5km promenade is the huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Just near the statue is the jaded and faded Le Cafe…which has the best view in town and a great coffee called coffee bombo!

Coffee Bombo

TAKE A WALK THROUGH THE DELIGHTFUL FRENCH QUARTER Wander the streets of the French Quarter. Use my map to find lots of great places to eat and fabbo places to shop.

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